Thursday, June 6, 2013

Been a while.....More Rural Decay

I know I haven't written in quite a while so here's my pathetic attempt to get caught up.  Last fall when I was leaving work I couldn't help but notice the amazing sunset.  In my mind I had the perfect subject to photograph and I knew it would be awesome.  So I hurried over to the barn I was thinking of and got set up.  The whole time I was driving I kept thinking to myself "I'm gonna miss this great sunset.  It's gonna be gone by the time I get there."  Much to my delight it was not only still there but just a vibrant as ever so I started shooting.  This is definitely the best picture of the group.

Then a few days later it started to snow.  This was the first snowfall of the year (and first of many) and it was a really pretty snow.  I decided to make my way back over to the barn and see what I could get.  This was also the best picture of the bunch.

Finally, I decided on night after work to look for another type of landscape photo.  Something interesting but not necessarily unique to the area.  What I found was this picture.

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