Tuesday, December 13, 2011

iPhone camera

I'm a bit of a tech geek and one of the things I really wanted when my old phone contract ran out was the new iPhone 4S.  I had read about the camera and that was definitely something I wanted to have with me.  I had tried multiple times (unsuccessfully) with my old phone to get pictures of our daughter and it was just too frustrating.  It took my old phone about 5 seconds to bring up the camera app and then another 2-3 seconds to actual take the photo.  Now if you know anything about kids, 8 seconds is enough time to miss 3-4 pictures let alone the original picture you wanted.  So I was pretty pumped about my new iPhone.  Well I can say without a doubt that this camera is great.  I had considered buying a P&S camera just to carry around when I didn't want my DSLR but now with my iPhone, the P&S seems completely unnecessary.  I haven't really gotten any great pictures of  Elena but that isn't the phone's fault (she abandon's whatever she's doing and heads straight for me whenever she see's me pull out my phone) but I did get a great shot on the golf course.  Here it is before and after post processing.

Not too shabby for a camera phone!

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